How To Make Rengoku In Roblox

Rengoku is a popular game on Roblox that has been around for a few years. It is a strategy game where players must fight to the top of a tower, and the last player standing wins. In this guide, you will learn how to make a basic rengoku game in Roblox.

How To Make Rengoku In Roblox

There is no one surefire way to make rengoku in Roblox. However, there are a few methods that seem to work better than others. One popular method is to use the Building tool to create a simple 3×3 square, and then use the Material tool to apply the rengoku texture. Another method is to use the Terrain tool to create a small hill, and then apply the rengoku texture.

-A computer with internet access -ROBLOX account -Some creativity!

  • Select a place to make your rengoku
  • Start with the base of the rengoku
  • Add the first layer of bricks
  • Make the brick wall taller add the next layer of bricks top off

How to Make Rengoku in Roblox There are a few things you will need to make Rengoku in Roblox. First, you will need a place to build. Second, you will need some basic building materials. Third, you will need the Rengoku script. Finally, you will need to know how to use the script. To get started, create a place and set the game type to “Adventure.” Next, add some basic building

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rengoku In The Game?

Rengoku is a location in the game. It is a tall tower that is located in the middle of the lake.

What Does Rengoku Say In The Movie?

In the movie, Rengoku (voiced by KĊichi Yamadera) is a giant skeleton that battles Godzilla. He first appears in Hokkaido, where he fights and defeats Godzilla. After Godzilla disappears, Rengoku returns to his home in the ocean.

How Old Is Rengoku In The Movie?

Rengoku is in her early teens in the movie.

To Summarize

In order to make rengoku in Roblox, you need to use the scripting language Lua. First, create a new script and name it “rengoku.” Next, add the following code to the script: function onTouch(player) local rengoku =“Part”) rengoku.Anchored = true rengoku.CFrame =, 0, 0) rengoku.Size =, 1, 1) player.Parent:Remove() end This code will create a new part named “rengoku” that is anchored to the ground and has a size of 1x1x1.

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