How To Get The Braytech Werewolf

There are a few ways to get the Braytech Werewolf in Destiny 2. The first way is to complete the Curse of Osiris campaign and then speak with Ikora Rey in the Tower. She will give you a quest called The Wolves of Mars which awards the Braytech Werewolf upon completion. The second way is to purchase it from Xur for 29 Legendary Shards.

How To Get The Braytech Werewolf

There is no one definitive answer to this question as it largely depends on what type of player you are and what your goals are in Destiny 2. If you are looking to get the Braytech Werewolf as quickly as possible, then you will likely need to farm for it by completing Public Events and Strikes. However, if you are not particularly concerned with getting the Braytech Werewolf early on and would rather focus on other activities, then there are other methods that can be used to obtain it. Ultimately

-Braytech Werewolf -Sledgehammer -1 Piece of Metal Pipe -Welder -File -4 Pieces of Metal Rod -6 Bolts -6 Nuts -1 Battery Pack

  • Activate the braytech machine
  • Talk to the braytech scientist in the lab
  • Kill the werewolf

1. First, you will need to complete the ” hunter’s nightmare ” Chalice dungeon in order to obtain the ” Blood Drenched Shield “. This shield is a key item needed to unlock the ” braytech werewolf ” transformation. 2. Once you have obtained the shield, you will need to travel to the ” Research Hall ” in the Hunter’s Nightmare and speak with Gehrman . 3. After speaking with Gehrman

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get Braytech Werewolf Beyond Light?

There are a few ways to get BrayTech werewolf beyond light. One way is to complete the ‘A Packaged Deal’ quest and then purchase the ‘BrayTech Werewolf Beyond Light’ package from the DLC menu. Another way is to earn all of the trophies in the game.

How Do I Get To Braytech 2 Destiny?

The fastest way to get to BrayTech 2 destiny is to use the teleporter in the Tower.

How Do You Get The 2Nd Quest In Destiny?

To get the 2nd quest in Destiny, you need to complete the 1st one.


Braytech Werewolf can be obtained by completing the “Wolves at the Door” questline. The quest can be started by picking up the Braytech Werewolf quest item from Werner West’s office in the Tower.

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