How To Get Lime Green Dye In Minecraft

Lime green dye in Minecraft is made by combining a regular green dye with light blue dye.

How To Get Lime Green Dye In Minecraft

There is no one definitive way to get lime green dye in Minecraft. Some popular methods include using either cactus green or light green dyes with a yellow dye, or using a lime with a light green dye. Another option is to find a slime block and then use the green dye that is produced when it is hit with a water source.

-A furnace -Lime green dye -Any color of wool or sheep -A crafting table -An anvil

  • Mix the two dyes in a crafting table to create lime dye
  • Collect yellow and green dye from flowers

1. You will need a dye, a crafting table, and a furnace. 2. Place the dye in the crafting table to create a lime dye. 3. Place the lime dye and some straw in the furnace to create a lime green dye.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do You Find Lime Green Dye In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, lime green dye can be found by combining a green dye and a white dye.

How Do You Make Neon Green Dye In Minecraft?

You can make neon green dye in Minecraft by adding a glowstone block to a dye of any color.

How Do You Get Green Dye In Minecraft 2022?

There are a few ways to get green dye in Minecraft. The first way is to find a cactus and then use shears to get its green dye. Another way is to find a slime block, and then use a dye of any color on it to get the green dye.

To Review

In order to get lime green dye in Minecraft, you can either use a potion of weakness or a potion of the sun.

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