How To Craft Strong Woodcutting Urn

Woodcutting urns are a type of pottery used to collect the woodcutting experience gained while training. A player must have at least level 3 in the Woodcutting skill to create a woodcutting urn. To do so, they must have one soft clay and one log in their inventory. The player must then use the soft clay on a potter’s wheel and select the urn option. They will then need to select whether they want a small or large urn, and

How To Craft Strong Woodcutting Urn

There are a few things you can do to make your woodcutting urn last longer. First, always use the highest level logs you can. This will ensure that the urn fills as quickly as possible. Second, try to avoid wasting time by banking any logs you don’t need. Lastly, always use the urn when woodcutting. If it’s not in your inventory, your progress won’t be saved.

-A piece of unenchanted jewelry -A bucket of water -Any logs you wish to use

  • Collect an inventory of logs
  • Use a knife or hatchet to chop the logs into small pieces
  • Use a crafting bench to create a strong woodcutting urn. add the small pieces of wood to the

-Using the highest-quality logs will result in a stronger urn. -The type of wood used will also affect the urn’s strength. -Burning the logs before crafting the urn will increase its strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make A Woodcutting Urn?

To make a woodcutting urn, use an empty jug on a piece of soft clay. Then use the soft clay on a potter’s wheel to make the urn.

Do Woodcutting Urns Work On Ivy?

Yes, woodcutting urns work on ivy. When a player fills an urn with logs from ivy, they will receive extra experience when they teleport the urn to an obelisk.

How Do You Make A Fragile Woodcutting Urn?

You can make a fragile woodcutting urn by using an earth rune and a water rune on a piece of soft clay, then firing it in a pottery oven.


s Crafting strong woodcutting urns can be time consuming, but it is definitely worth the effort. The urns will last much longer and hold more of the chopped logs, making it easier to achieve the 100% completion mark for the Woodcutting skill.

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