How To Craft Ender Eye In Minecraft Pe

In Minecraft, ender eyes are a valuable item because they allow you to see Endermen. To craft an ender eye, you need two obsidian blocks and an eye of ender.

How To Craft Ender Eye In Minecraft Pe

The Ender Eye is an item that was added in the 1.0.4 update for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It is an item that is used to teleport to the Ender Dragon’s lair. To craft it, you will need 9 Ender Pearls and 1 Eye of Ender.

-A crafting table -Ender Pearls – blaze powder – Eyes of Ender

  • eye of ender 1 ghast tear in your crafting table, place the ender pearl in the middle slot,
  • To craft an ender eye in minecraft pe, you will need
  • ender pearl

1. The first thing you need to do is gather the materials required to craft an ender eye. This includes 8 ender pearls and 1 blaze rod. 2. Next, you need to create a crafting table and place the materials in the following pattern: 3. Once the crafting table is complete, hit it with your hand to open up the interface and select the ender eye recipe. Drag the ingredients into the squares and hit “craft” to create an

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get Ender Eyes Without Blaze?

You can’t get Ender Eyes without Blaze.

How Can I Get Eyes Of Ender?

Ender’s eyes are a symbol of his power and understanding. To get Ender’s eyes, one would need to be able to see the world as Ender does.

How Many Eyes Of Ender Do You Need To Find A Stronghold?

You only need to find one eye of Ender.


Crafting Ender Eye in Minecraft PE is a simple process. First, you will need to find an Ender Chest. Second, you will need to find a blaze rod. Third, you will need to find a piece of obsidian. Finally, you will need to have an Ender Pearl in your inventory.

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