How To Craft Cutters In The Escapists

Crafting cutters in the Escapists is a fairly simple process that only requires a handful of materials. The most important part of the process is acquiring a blade, which can be done by either finding one in a prison or crafting one yourself.

How To Craft Cutters In The Escapists

In the Escapists, there are a variety of different ways to craft cutters in order to help you escape. One way is to use a piece of metal wire and some pliers. First, bend the wire into the shape of a cutter by using the pliers. Then, use a file to sharpen the edge of the wire. Finally, use a heat source (e.g. a lighter) to harden the edge of the wire. Another way

Tools: -Sharp blade (X-ACTO knife, Box Cutter, Utility Knife) -Ruler -Plyers -Stiff wire brush -Acetone or nail polish remover -Paper Towels -Rubber gloves -Safety glasses Materials: -Cutters (x2) -Spray paint (optional) -Paint brush (optional)

  • To craft cutters in the escapists, you will need a knife, some wire, and some scissors
  • First, use the knife to cut the wire into two pieces that are each about six inches long

– ensure that the cutters are of a sturdy build, in order to withstand the rigours of escapism – make sure that the blades of the cutters are sharp, in order to be able to quickly and easily cut through ropes and other materials – consider including a handle on the cutters, in order to provide a more comfortable grip for the user

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Craft A File In The Escapists?

In the Escapists, you can craft a file by going to your crafting menu and selecting the “File” option. This will allow you to create a new file and write whatever you want on it.

What Do You Need To Cut A Fence Escapists?

There are a few things you need in order to cut a fence escapists: wire cutters, a sturdy fence, and some determination. First, use the wire cutters to clip the fence’s wire at the desired spot. Next, use your body weight to push against the fence so that it gives way. Finally, walk or run through the opening and make your escape!

What Are Cutters For In The Escapists?

Cutters are used as a means of self-defense in the escapists. They can be used to quickly dispatch enemies that are nearby, or to block attacks.


Crafting cutters in the Escapists is a relatively easy process. All you need is a blade, some wire, and a hunk of metal. First, use the blade to cut the wire into a desired length. Next, use the hunk of metal as a guide to bend the wire into a cutter shape. Finally, use the cutter to cut through objects in your way!

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