How To Craft Cowhide In Runescape

Cowhide is a Crafting material obtained by killing cows. It can be made into leather, which is used to make a variety of items including armour, containers, and clothing.

How To Craft Cowhide In Runescape

In order to craft cowhide in RuneScape, players must first have a needle and some thread in their inventory. Then, they must go to a tanner and ask to tan hides. After that, they must select the cowhide option and click on the needle and thread in their inventory. Finally, they must click on the cowhide to start the process.

-A needle -Thread -A cowhide -Scissors

  • Make a piece of chaps by using the leather on some scissors
  • Make a piece of leather by using the cowhide on a needle and thread
  • Tan the cowhide by using it on a tanning rack

-Cowhide is a valuable crafting component that can be used to make a variety of items in Runescape. -To craft cowhide, you will need a needle and some thread. -You can get cowhide by killing cows. -The best place to kill cows for cowhide is the cow pen in Lumbridge.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make Leather In Runescape?

Leather can be made in Runescape by taking cowhide and tanning it in a tanner’s workshop.

How Do You Make Money From Cowhide?

Cowhide is most commonly used in the manufacture of leather goods, such as shoes, bags and furniture. The hide is split into two pieces, the top grain and the bottom grain. The top grain is the most valuable, as it is the thickest and most durable layer. The bottom grain is thinner and less durable.

Where Can I Sell Cow Hides In Runescape?

The best place to sell cow hides in Runescape is the Grand Exchange.


In order to craft cowhide in Runescape, players first need to obtain cowhide tanned by using the tanning rack. Cowhide can then be used to create a number of items, including leather body, chaps, and cowl.

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