How To Craft A Wet Sponge In Minecraft Xbox One

It can be a little tricky to craft a wet sponge in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, but it’s definitely doable. Here’s how: 1. Start by gathering two blocks of sponge and four pieces of obsidian. 2. Next, place the two blocks of sponge in the crafting grid so that they form an “X.” 3. Then, place the obsidian around the outside of the sponge blocks so that they form a square. 4

How To Craft A Wet Sponge In Minecraft Xbox One

Minecraft Xbox One has a feature where you can craft a wet sponge. In order to do this, you need to first find an ocean, then find a sponge. Once you have found a sponge, you will need to move next to the water and hold the LT button to get in the water. After that, press the Y button to take out the sponge and start soaking up the water.

-Wet Sponge: -Crafting Table: -Sponge: -Water Bucket:

  • Create a 3×3 crafting grid out of any material place the sponge in the center slot of the grid add water to the crafting
  • Find a water source
  • Use a bucket to get water from the source

– Wet sponges can be crafted in Minecraft Xbox One by combining a water bucket with a sponge. – To use a wet sponge, right-click on any water source to soak it up. Then, right-click on any block to clean it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get A Wet Sponge In Minecraft Bedrock?

In Minecraft bedrock, you can get a wet sponge by using a bucket of water on it.

How Do You Make A Sponge In Minecraft Xbox One?

To make a sponge in Minecraft Xbox One, you first need to gather 4 pieces of leather. Then, go to a furnace and put the leather in the top right slot. Next, put lava in the bottom left slot. Finally, hit the start button to light the furnace and wait until the sponge pops out.

Can You Craft Wet Sponges In Minecraft?

Yes, sponges can be crafted in Minecraft. For wet sponges, combine a sponge and water in a crafting grid.


A wet sponge is a key item in the game Minecraft. It can be used to clean off surfaces and remove any type of liquid. To make a wet sponge, you will need an empty bucket and a water source. Place the empty bucket next to the water source, then right-click on the water to fill the bucket. Next, find an object that you want to clean and hold the bucket in your hand. Left-click on the object to clean it.

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