How To Craft A Seamoth Upgrade

A seamoth upgrade is a modification that can be applied to a seamoth to improve its capabilities. There are many different types of upgrades, and each one has its own requirements and effects. Some upgrades are purely cosmetic, while others can have a significant impact on the performance of the vessel.

How To Craft A Seamoth Upgrade

A seamoth upgrade is an item that can be crafted by the player using the Fabricator. It increases the Seamoth’s health pool and oxygen storage. To craft a seamoth upgrade, the player must have: 1 x Titanium Plate 1 x Oxygen Tank 1 x Battery The player must also have reached at least depth level 5.

-Crafting table -Forge -Welding tool -Laser cutter -Seamoth upgrade blueprint -5 pieces of titanium -1 piece of advanced alloy -1 piece of battery pack -1 piece of computer module -1 piece of engine module -1 piece of fabricator -1 piece of propeller module

  • You will need a seamoth upgrade token and a welding tool
  • Find a seamoth upgrade station
  • Use the welding tool on the seamoth upgrade token
  • Click on the seamoth upgrade station to open the

-Consider adding an oxygen tank for longer dives. -A rudder can help with manoeuvrability. -Add a light to help you see in the dark. -A powerful engine can help you get where you need to go faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do I Get Seamoth Upgrade Fragments?

In the game Subnautica, Seamoth upgrade fragments can be found in various places, such as inside crates and storage lockers, or on the ocean floor.

How Do You Unlock Seamoth Upgrades?

To unlock Seamoth upgrades, the player must first find and scan five upgrade modules hidden around the world. After scanning all five modules, the player must then find and activate the upgrade console inside the Seamoth’s Upgrade Room.

Where Are All 3 Seamoth Fragments?

The three fragments of the Seamoth are located in the Safe Shallows, the Kelp Forest, and the Grand Reef.


Crafting a Seamoth upgrade is a relatively simple process that only requires the player to have a few items in their inventory. The first step is to obtain an Upgrade Fabricator, which can be crafted using the following recipe: 1 x Sensor 1 x Battery 1 x Glass Once the player has obtained an Upgrade Fabricator, they must next find an upgrade module for their Seamoth. These modules can be found scattered throughout the world and typically require the player to solve a puzzle or traverse a dangerous environment in order to reach them. After locating an upgrade module, the player must place it in the Upgrade Fabricator and fabricate the upgrade.

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