How To Craft A Mek In Ark Extinction

Mek crafting in Ark: Extinction is a very important process in order to create the most powerful weapons and tools in the game. There are a few basic things you need to know before you start: 1. You will need a Metal Forge in order to craft meks. 2. In order to create a mek, you will need at least one of each of the following items: -Metal Ingot -Electrical Component -Rocket Part

How To Craft A Mek In Ark Extinction

There are a few things you need to build a Mek in Ark: Extinction. The first is the Tekgram, which you can get by defeating the Tek Rex. The second is the Fabricator, which you can build using the blueprints found in the Obelisk terminal. Once you have both of those items, you can craft a Mek using the following recipe: 1 x Tekgram 1 x Fabricator 1 x Metal Ingot 1 x

-Mek Crafting Table -Mek blueprints -Metal Ingots -Crystal -Lithium Ion Battery -Components: -Frame -Wiring Kit -Circuit Board -Laser Module

  • Select the “mek” blueprint place the required resources in the crafting grid hit “
  • Get the required resources: metal ingots, polymer, and electronics
  • Create a workbench

When crafting a Mek in ARK Extinction, you will first need to craft the Engines and Wheels. The Engines will determine how fast your Mek moves, while the Wheels will determine how maneuverable it is. After that, you will need to craft the Body, Head, and Arms. The Body will determine the health and durability of your Mek, while the Head and Arms will determine its damage and attack range. Finally, you will need to craft the Weapon Mounts and Weapon

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make A Super Mek In Ark?

The process for making a super MEK in Ark is to first create a normal MEK by combining 1xMEK+1xCrystal+1xMetal. Then, you need to craft a Super MEK Frame at a Fabricator. Finally, combine the Super MEK Frame with the normal MEK to create the super version.

How Do You Craft Mek?

MEK is typically created through a process of mixing the monomers methyl methacrylate and ethyl acrylate. The mixture is then heated to create an exothermic reaction, which causes the monomers to polymerize and creates the desired MEK product.

Where Do I Craft Unassembled Mek?

The player can craft unassembled MEK at any Fabricator.

In Summary

There are a few things to keep in mind when crafting a mek in Ark: Extinction. Firstly, the mek must be made out of metal components, so be sure to have plenty of metal on hand. Secondly, the mek requires a power source in order to function, so be sure to place an energy core inside it. Finally, make sure to add weapons and armor to the mek to make it as powerful as possible.

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