How To Craft A Crystal Ball In Terraria

Crystal balls are a type of decoration that can be placed in a player’s house. They can be crafted from clear glass and a Shiny Coin.

How To Craft A Crystal Ball In Terraria

In order to craft a crystal ball in Terraria, you will need to first obtain the following items: – 4 Glass Blocks – 1 Crystal Shard – 1 Work Bench Once you have obtained all of the necessary items, simply open your work bench and place the glass blocks in the crafting area. Then, place the crystal shard in the center of the glass blocks. Finally, select the “Crystal Ball” option from the resulting menu.

-Terraria -A crafting table -Crystal shards -A glass orb -Lantern oil -A furnace -A hammer

  • Obtain a clear ball
  • Craft a glassblower’s pipe
  • Find a furnace smelt glass create a crystal ball

-Choose the right materials. The most important thing in making a crystal ball is getting the right materials. A sphere-shaped object made of glass is necessary, as well as a way to cut and polish it. The glass can be bought at a store, or made from scratch using a furnace. -Get the right glass. Not all glass is created equal when it comes to making crystal balls. The ideal type of glass is called “optical grade” and is used in

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Crystal Ball Do?

A crystal ball is used for scrying, which is a practice that uses a crystal ball or other reflective object to give the user psychic visions.

Can You Craft The Crystal Ball In Terraria?

The Crystal Ball is a crafting station that can be used to create the Crystal Ball Staff and the Night’s Edge. It requires 5 Souls of Light, 10 Gel, and 5 Pink Gel.

What Does The Crystal Ball Buff Do?

Crystal Ball Buff is a buff that increases the player’s chance to obtain magic items from crystal balls.


The best way to make a crystal ball in Terraria is to get a pink gel, a water candle, and an obsidian block. Place the pink gel on the obsidian block, then light the water candle nearby. Stand over the pink gel and hold your mouse button down to charge up your crystal ball.

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