As people who love escape rooms, we flirted with the idea of opening one of our own for quite some time. After lots of vacillation, we decided to make the jump.

It’s reminded me of riding a roller coaster. The anticipation and excitement as you make the initial climb… the ticka ticka ticka as you near the top.  That point where you can see everything around you so clearly, and you put your hands up, ready for that first rush. Well, here we are, at the precipice, just about ready to launch Mind Games Clovis escape room games.

It’s been exciting, frustrating, and educational. Opening a business isn’t easy. There is so much to consider that doesn’t even have anything to do with the actual activity… licenses, plans, permits, utilities, websites… money. But it’s a labor of love.

I’ve been designing themes and rooms for Halloween haunts for years. In the 1980s we were home haunters. At one point, we created and ran a haunt for a charity in another town. Two of our owners have the joy of working for a local haunt. I do scene-setting, fx makeup, and acting during the season. Escape rooms are a natural fit for me and my partners, and we can’t begin to express how excited we are to bring escape rooms to the Fresno/Clovis area to wow and thrill you.

Join us as we take the ride!



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