MIND GAMES CLOVIS is closed through the end of March because it’s the socially responsible thing to do. We hope to see you soon, and that you and yours stay healthy and happy.

What’s an escape/puzzle room?

Groups of people join in a themed room to solve a mystery by unraveling a variety of puzzles and clues within a set amount of time. The game ends when players unravel all the clues and solve the game to “escape” the room… or when the allotted time expires.

What’s a Mind Games Clovis Escape/Puzzle Room?

It’s an immersive experience with well thought through puzzles and clues that don’t defy logic. You’ll feel like you’ve entered the scenario we’ve described, and discover the characters that inhabit them, bringing a unique perspective to the game with the goal of providing you with a fun and challenging experience. We also believe in quality, not quantity… all of our rooms are private. Come play with us!

COMING SOON! Test Subject

Enter Dr. Ratzlaff’s lab… somebody’s watching you.

After growing weary of his behavioral experiments with rats, the good Doctor has decided to move on to bigger things. Good rats get the cheese, bad rats get… well, see for yourself if you fail.

Planned as Intermediate, hopefully 6 player game. Final details will be included as beta testing provides.

Escape Your Nightmare

Psychotic serial killer, or misunderstood loner? People say all kinds of things about John Alvan, but no one has any proof. You know he’s creepy, but that doesn’t make him a bad guy… does it?

Sneak into John Alvan’s house at 4530 Hall Street and see what he’s been up to. He better not catch you there, or you’ll learn what nightmares are really made of.

3-5 players, up to 60 minutes (90% success rate, most common escape time approx 50 minutes). IT’S A BLAST. Bring your brains, we don’t like to give hints on this one… YOU WANTED IN, now try to get out!!! As always, you’ll have everything you’ll need to make your way through… and don’t forget John will be home soon.

SPECIAL RULES for a special experience. Your escape door will be locked. Phones and other items are placed in the lockers provided… we’ll use them to contact next of kin if you don’t escape bwahaha.

WARNING — Subject matter may not be appropriate for all persons, especially children under 12. Not recommended for those prone to panic attacks, claustrophobia, achluophobia, musophobia, hemophobia, electrophobia, and occasionally coulrophobia (there’s always some clown hanging around our place) or pretty much any phobia we could think of just for fun, or those with weak bladder control. Come on in, it’s a scream.

The Family Jewels

Enter the living room that once belonged to your sweet, old aunt before she passed away. An attorney sent a letter requesting you come and collect her things, but there’s a catch: there’s something of value in here and you’re not the only relative looking to find it.

Search for answers and riches, bring a larger group and compete against your “dirty rotten cousins” (your group will be split into two teams) in the Family Jewels’ companion room… let the madness begin!

up to 4  players per room (6 to 8 for both), 60 minute treasure hunt game

Beginner to intermediate… a broad variety of puzzle and clue types. Lots of guidance available for those new to escape rooms, less for experienced players.  Average success rate 70%

We also offer a “kid’s clue set” for groups of 10-12 year olds, call for details or to arrange a birthday party.

Wizard’s Keep

A Place Where Magic Happens

Tragedy has befallen the Kingdom! His Majesty lies ill, his royal Wizard struck down. You (as his apprentices) were the only ones who had access to the rare and deadly poison. Don’t tarry in your search for the antidote, the King’s guard are on their way to take you to the dungeon. Can you find it in time to save your King and Kingdom… and yourselves?

Enter the Wizard’s Keep, a castle room where magic abounds.

3-6 players, 60 minute game, intermediate to advanced players

Have you seen enough combination locks and lock boxes… or maybe way too many? You won’t find a single one in this castle room. We made them all disappear.  Average success rate is 50-55%.